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Nguồn Seasonic 650w S12III-650 - 80 PLUS® BRONZE

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S12III Series

The S12III Bronze Series is available in the standard ATX Form Factor and in wattages that are most common for a PC system. The Seasonic S12III-Series achieves 80 PLUS® Bronze standard of providing at least 82 %, 85 % and 82 % power usage efficiency at 20 %, 50 % and 100 % operating loads, respectively. This efficiency, combined with Active Power Factor Correction, enables the S12III Bronze series power supplies to lessen energy waste, which translates into savings on the costs of energy costs for its users. In addition to being greatly efficient, the S12III units utilize the LLC resonant converter design, and the industry’s leading Smart and Silent Fan Control (S2FC).




80 PLUS®Bronze

The 80 PLUS® Bronze certification indicates that a high percentage of the electricity is converted into useful power, therefore there is less heat lost and more money saved on the electricity bill.

The 80 PLUS® Bronze certification guarantees greater than 82 %, 85 % and 82 % efficiency at 20 %, 50 % and 100 % operating loads, respectively. Sea Sonic’s Bronze Series is an economical choice with great performance and high built-in value.


S2FC - Smart and Silent Fan Control

The intelligent thermal circuit feature is designed to find the optimal balance between the necessity to cool the components and the need to run the power supply in the most silent manner possible.





Technical Specifications
80PLUS® Bronze
Form Factor Intel ATX 12 V
Dimensions 150 mm (W) x 140 mm (L) x 86 mm (H)
Fan Information Fan Size 120 mm
Fan Control Seasonic S2FC
Fan Bearing Sleeve bearing
Life Expectancy 30,000 hours at 40 °C, 15 % - 65 % RH
Cable Information Modularity Fixed cable
Cable type Flat black cables
Electrical Features Operating Temperature 40 °C
MTBF @ 25 °C, excl. fan 100,000 hours
AC Input Full Range
Protection OPP, OVP, UVP, SCP
Safety and Environmental Safety and EMC cTUVus, TUV, Gost-R, CB , BSMI, CCC, CE, FCC, C-tick
Environmental Compliance Energy Star, RoHS, WEEE, REACH


Power Output
AC Input Voltage: 110 V - 240 V
Current: 10 A - 5 A
Frequency: 50 Hz - 60 Hz
DC Output Rail +3.3 V +5 V +12 V -12 V +5 VSB
Maximum Power 20 A 20 A 54 A 0.5 A 2.5 A
100 W 648 W 6 W 12.5 W
Total continuous power 650 W



Connector Connector Count Cable Length
Main Power (24/20 pins) 1 1 x 550 mm - attached
CPU (8/4 pins) 1 1 x 600 mm - 8/4 pins attached
PCIe (8/6 pins) 4 2 x 550 + 150 mm - 8/6 pins attached
SATA 6 2 x 450 + 120 + 120 mm - attached
Peripheral 3 1 x 450 + 120 + 120 mm - attached
Floppy 1 1 x 120 mm - end connector of the peripheral cable

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


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